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Chatter with BNC

Podcast dedicated to all things business in North Carolina. We talk to the state's leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, education and more about their business, passions and lives in an entertaining and informative manner.

Jan 12, 2022

Welcome to Business North Carolina's weekly podcast, serving up interviews with some of the Tar Heel State's most interesting people.

On today’s episode Dave Mildenberg speaks with Dr. Dale Owen, CEO of Tryon Medical Partners, a physician-owned practice that has attracted about 180,000 patients, or about 20% of Mecklenburg County’s population, since forming three years ago. It’s the most successful physician-clinic startup in the U.S. in recent years, says Owen, a cardiologist and graduate of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He shares his views on the predictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, how Tryon has adapted in the crisis and why North Carolina medical costs remain among the highest nationally.