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Chatter with BNC

Podcast dedicated to all things business in North Carolina. We talk to the state's leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, education and more about their business, passions and lives in an entertaining and informative manner.

Sep 28, 2022

Welcome to Chatter with BNC, Business North Carolina's weekly podcast, serving up interviews with some of the Tar Heel State's most interesting people.

On today's episode, Colin Campbell speaks with Christopher Chung, the CEO of the Economic Development Association of North Carolina. Chung talks about the state's streak of major jobs announcements, the need for more industrial megasites, and how he became an economic developer. 

This podcast series, a collaborative partnership between the NC Economic Development Association and Business NC, will feature guests with a statewide perspective on issues critical to the economic competitiveness of our state.  The NC Economic Development Association is the VOICE for economic development in North Carolina, providing advocacy, valuable content, and professional development for its members.