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Chatter with BNC

Podcast dedicated to all things business in North Carolina. We talk to the state's leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, education and more about their business, passions and lives in an entertaining and informative manner.

Jan 25, 2023

Welcome to Chatter with BNC, Business North Carolina's weekly podcast, serving up interviews with some of the Tar Heel State's most interesting people.
On today's episode, Colin Campbell speaks with Sarah Langer Hall, director of the Institute for Emerging Issues at N.C. State University, and Philip Cooper, practitioner-in-residence at the institute and an expert on workforce development. Hall and Cooper preview the upcoming Emerging Issues Forum on Feb. 13, which this year is focused on Talent First Economics. They tell us about how to address workforce development challenges by focusing on the needs of underrepresented workers who have historically faced barriers to employment and staying engaged in the workplace.